Empire Glassworks Panda Family Rig

This panda-themed dab rig is a beautiful and handcrafted bong from Empire Glassworks. We match their price here!  This bong is one of a kind and offers a fixed 3-hole downstem, 14.5mm reinforced female banger hanger, a 14.5mm male Panda Glass Bowl attachment.  Standing at 5.5" tall, with a thick glass body and base, this is a sturdy bong that is very unique.  A collectors dream, both beautiful and unique as well as high quality for a great smoking experience.    


  • Mini Beaker Panda-Themed Tube
  • Fixed Three-Hole Downstem
  • 14.5mm Reinforced Female Banger Hanger
  • 14.5mm Male; Panda Bowl Piece
  • Mini Panda Accents
Height: 5.5"  Base Diameter: 2.4"  Weight: 174.51 Grams

 *Individually Handcrafted Art Piece - Limited Quantity and Availability


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