5" Hammer Inside-Out Bubbler

These 5" bubblers are handmade in Nepal and come with slight variations in design. They feature colorful designs around the base, stem, bowl and mouthpiece of the bubbler. 

This piece is great as a gift, or as a daily smoker. Quick and convenient as a bowl, yet smooth and smell free as a bong. Bubblers are the best of both worlds.

With all imports, we'll do our best to ship you the item in the photographs. If the exact item isn't available we'll pick an item that is of equal price and has a similar design.

You can always use our open-ended return policy if you're not happy with our selection.

Our imports, unlike many other distributors, are put through a rigorous quality control.

  • Handblown in Nepal
  • Beautiful, unique design
  • Medium sized bowl pack
  • Stands up on flat surfaces
  • Long stem and large mouthpiece for easy cleaning
  • Quality checked before being shipped to you
  • Easy and free return policy 

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