Kraken Grinders - 2.5" 4-Piece or 2.2" 4-piece Diamond Ridge Grinder

Another great Kraken grinder, ready for herbs. Grind up your herbs quickly and easily with Kraken's high-quality grinder products. We match their prices here! 

These colored grinders come in more than 7 colors and are covered in a shiny coat that makes them stand out.  These grinders are 4 pieces and offer a kief catch. Sturdy grinders that can survive drops and accidents. 

A must-have grinder for frequent herb smokers. 

Shine bright with this grinder. 

  • 2.5" or 2.2" 
  • 4-part grinder - pollen catch, storage
  • Grooves on the side for ergonomic grip
  • Diamonds in central ring

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