"So So Keen" 🍑 Peach Themed Mini Rig

Let your peach flag fly.

Nothing sweeter than this petite peach dab rig. Put your mouth to this small water pipe, topped off with a worked peach made of colored glass that serves as the mouth piece! Another delicious fruit sits on the down stem, bathing in the bubbles of superior diffusion.

This size pipe works best with legal oils and concentrates and ships with a quartz banger, but will work with any 14.5mm male accessory.

Good to know: 

  • Works with concentrates or dry herbs
  • Ships with 14.5 quartz banger 

Get one from the orchard while they're still in season!

This "Peachy" piece is a worked beauty

  • 6" borosilicate glass construction
  • 3" wide base
  • Fixed downstem with fire cut diffuser
  • Worked "peach" mouthpiece
  • Reinforced 90° ground joint
  • Accepts 14.5mm male accessories
  • Domeless nail included

Proudly made in the USA

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