China Glass "Xia" Dynasty Vase Water Pipe

Inspired by legend.

The ancient "Xia" Dynasty of Chinese history is the gossamer of legends, and the vase water pipe that bears its name sparks the same awe. Featuring a lightly flared mouthpiece and simple diffused downstem, the Xia stands apart from other modern bongs in your collection. 

Manufactured by a team of master artists from the Hebei province of Northern China with over a century of combined glassblowing prowess, The China Glass line offers an elegant profile with high-powered engineering. China's rich history and culture is reflected in each crafted piece to form a remarkable addition to any pipe collection.


Bring the sophistication of traditional fine china to your collection. 

  • Premium white and black borosilicate tubing
  • Fixed diffused downstem
  • Traditional Chinese print decals in blue and gold

Handblown in the Hebei province

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