Empire Glassworks "Gun Ship" Tiered Rig

This Gun Ship looking dab rig made by Empire Glassworks is one of the coolest rigs we have ever seen. With its thick glass and zany appearance, it is an amazing gift for your smoker friends who love to collect unique pieces. 

This dab rig offers a smooth smoking experience with a quartz banger attachment and a stem that accepts 14.5mm female and stands 6" tall.

Fire Away!

This rig is badass! This is a tiered piece so the mouthpiece, which is made of a beautifully worked glass gunship, separates from the main body. This allows for an easy clean for such a complex piece. This rig also comes with a quartz banger and carb cap. If you're looking for a truly unique piece to add to your collection, this is the rig for you!

  • 14.5mm Female attachments accepted 
  • 6" tall
  • Custom made 


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